Photograph Gallery - 1970’s


Three Cowkings on trombones in Slaidburn.  1971.

Outside the Hark to Bounty, Slaidburn.  Early 1970’s.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

John Cowking conducting.  1972.

Outdoor photograph of the Band.  1972.

The Band in uniforms.  1974.

Three cornets for three cornet players.  The Green Slaidburn.  1974.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

The Green, Slaidburn.  1974.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

Playing in the Waterworks at Stocks reservoir.  1974/5.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

Formal photograph of the Band.  1975.

May Queen procession, Slaidburn.  1976

The Band playing outside Calais Town Hall.  1976.

The Band at Hardraw Contest.  1977.

Crossing the Channel for the Band’s second trip to France, 1978.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

The Band with Longridge Band in Calais.  1978.

The Citadel, Calais. 1978

(Courtesy R. Mason)

Having a break between engagements in France. 1978

(Courtesy R. Mason)

The Band marching in Waddington.  1979.

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